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We're excited to officially announce our 2021 Lead Cost-Sharing Program! We want to extend a partnership with YOU to help your business grow!

How to qualify: Simply submit 10 applications through carriers you have with Senior Marketing Specialists in the month prior. This can include Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, or a mix of both!

When you qualify: We'll offer you a 50% discounted lead package from one of our top lead vendors!

What to choose from:

  • Lead Concepts: Direct Mail Leads
  • Lead Heroes: Live Tele-Marketed Leads

All of this comes at 50% of the cost to you!

Call us today at 800-689-2800 or simply fill out the form below to hear from us!


The support that has been provided has been exceptional. The SMS team provides timely updates from multiple carriers and their multiple carrier quoting tool has allowed me to more efficiently serve my clients needs. I highly recommend them to any agent.

Deborah N.

The Team at SMS has been great, Answering Questions, Researching Products, Providing Information that helps support my agency when customers come in with problem that needs to be solved. We as Agency Owners wear many different hats but having a partner like SMS that has the Knowledge and the Experience with Senior Products and is able to give us guidance is a valuable resource. I can not thank the team enough. For us you are Essential.

Kevin B.

I've been an agent for 15+ years. Medicare-related products are the fastest growing segment of my agency. The team at SMS has been vital to my success with the senior market. I can't thank SMS enough!!

Brian R.

I have contacted the office several times through the years requesting assistance with contracting, quotes and service needs. Each person assisting me has not disappointed me, they have always gotten the information I've needed. Furthermore, they have been, courteous, patient, and very helpful to complete my request in an expedient time.

Judeth C.

Senior Marketing Specialists agent can help you build your bottom line. Here are just a few of the tools and resources available to contracted agents. 

MA/PDP/AEP Toolkit

Whether you need assistance with your online presence, gaining referrals, retaining clients, holding seminars, managing an overwhelming book of business, or any other sales and marketing dilemma, Senior Marketing Specialists can help.

Quote Engine

We have accelerated the options for you and invested in what you need to make the sale, not just quote the premium.

Medicare Center

This powerful sales and marketing system features game-changing technology that’s simple and easy to use. Designed to make your client enrollments quick, painless, and CMS compliant.

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