Why partner with Senior Marketing Specialists?

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"SMS is our "go-to" FMO! We are so thankful to have people who assist us with Medicare questions. We always know we can rely on the information we receive from SMS. There are lots of people at SMS who have fresh ideas on how to approach about any topic that comes up."

"The Team at SMS really cares and goes the extra mile. All of you have an urgency to get things done. You have handled numerous challenging situations for me that never would have been resolved without your help. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I would give you a 10+! "

Sandy Schlesselman

Esther Goeden


"Since contracting through Senior Marketing Specialists I have received calls and emails to keep me informed and up to date on services and assistance. Calls made to SMS for assistance were followed up and taken care of promptly. Personally, my prior FMO passed away in November. I'm glad that someone I trust adised me to go with SMS. Wishing you all a prosperous 2019."

"SMS does EVERYTHING well. Evidently, it's ingrained in the culture from the top down. First and foremost, SMS hires exceptional people. They give stellar service to agents. I appreciate that SMS uses so many outlets to educate, train and service the agency force (chat function, Medicare Café, Facebook Live, Sales Summit, SMS University, etc.). SMS and the employees make me feel valued! "

Garry Myatt

Brian Rauber

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